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Performers need to carefully balance their preconceptions of ancient and modern music. Stefanie Dingnis chose a relatively restrained performance style, letting the beauty of the tunes speak for themselves. The ensemble, conducted by Evan Lawson, provided plenty of colour in their masterfully balanced accompaniment.

So subtle was their movement and quiet was their playing that I became conscious of the ethereal sound over a minute or so. What a beautiful effect. These meeting-points become moments of great focus as the performers become aware that they are a page or so away from each other. Could you tell us how the piece explores this thematic context? Thats always stuck in my mind, from the first time I watched it as a kid, and the second time as an adult. MB: The frantic-ness of the piccolo part and bashing of the piano as well as machine-gun style percussion part is all reminiscent of war.

The only thing that makes any obvious reference is the alto flute part in the end, which has the beginning of the last post — the fifths — which is basically what the entire piece is based on, harmonically speaking. When did you start composing?

Can you tell us about the first piece of music you ever wrote? I started composing in I guess, which was the year I made a very direct decision to pursue a career in composition. A more historically accurate response would be that I started writing when I was probably around thirteen or fourteen years old, if not younger. All of that musical material has since been lost which is probably ideal… but it is heartbreaking to me from a historical and sentimental perspective too, you know.

Not a terrible way to start composing, really. Yes, I certainly have. It has helped that he said that Aussie percussionists love to do more experimental things with percussion and are really receptive to it. At the end of last month, St.

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Fischer had a wonderful command of the score and conveyed his intentions perfectly to the orchestra, who in turn underscored the brilliance and vibrancy of the music with their nuanced playing. Haydn was also represented in the first half with the spirited Overture to his opera buffa The World of the Moon, which was played with energetic drive.

The musicians, with Jason Hardink at the piano, played with finely articulated playing that brought out the subtleties of the music with dynamic clarity. The Planets is a local audience favorite and has been a staple of Utah Symphony openers for many years. Her sweeping lines soared over the soft orchestral accompaniment, while the effusive playing of the ensemble was richly textured and nuanced. Handlebar-J: This saloon-style restaurant in Scottsdale is known for its Sunday chicken and dumplings dinner.

Keep an eye out for the bar ceiling lined with cowboy hats. And check out the twangy Herndon Bros. Mon-Tue: Ronnie Dye Band. Wed, Thu, Sun: Dance lessons, 7 p. Wed-Sun: Live music with the Herndon Bros. Becker, Scottsdale, Ugly Kid Joe? DJs play hip-hop, merengue and old-school. Fri-Sat: Live music ranges from hip-hop and Latin nights to performances by high-profile Valley rock bands. Second St. Other nights, newer fare like DJ Sammy blasts.

No matter -- an eclectic, multiracial blend of dancers keeps the huge, Technicolor-lighted floor buzzing. Sun: Football on satellite. Wed: Play trivia for cash prizes. Thu-Sat: Live music with Vigilante. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday, the place opens an enormous patio and a second, year-old bar to accommodate the Harley-riding contingent. Hollywood Alley: A Mesa institution, Hollywood Alley is known for its noisy rock shows, finger foods, black vinyl booths, vintage movie posters on the walls and arcade games in the back. Sun: Open mic night.

Mon: Page The Village Idiot. Baseline, Mesa, The bar fosters local music with the Clubhouse, the live music venue next door that it owns. Mon-Fri: Happy hour, p. Reverse happy hour, p. Icehouse: The Icehouse operates in a veil of mystery -- it never offers the same atmosphere twice. The silver, metallic walls and outdoor areas of this actual former icehouse complement everything from raves to art installations.

The food and drink depends on the event, and most events are all-ages. See also Club Concerts are free, but gratuities are collected for the performers. Amhurst Dr. Chew stops serving food after 4 p. Solo performers such as Phil Hendricks provide rock, blues, jazz and soul, which can be enjoyed from either inside or outside seating. Thu: Phil Hendricks not around in summer. Fri-Sat: Michael James. Jet Lag Lounge: Secluded and dimly lighted, this bar and restaurant at the end of a Safeway shopping center on Hayden Road is a godsend for acoustic jazz fans. Chaparral, Ste. Drinks, darts and open mikes -- what more community do you need?

Sun: South Park Party.

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Mon: Acoustic open mike with David Grossman. Tue-Thu: Dart tourney. Wed: Band open night. Live entertainment five nights a week while folks dine on cuisine like rack of lamb and veal Marsala. Fedoras are optional. Elliot, Tempe, Thu: Pool tournaments start at 10 p.

Fri: Dart tournaments start at 9 p. Live music is on tap most nights -- mostly locals with some regional touring acts mixed in for good measure. Fridays through Sundays, talented mariachi groups entertain diners with ballads and standards in the smaller Salon Tapatio, while Salon Guadalajara, which occasionally has a cover charge, takes on more of a club atmosphere.

Sun: Karaoke, noon-6 p. Tue: Adult karaoke. Thu-Fri: DJ, dance music. Paradise Village Pkwy.

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West, Mon: Guest Bartender Night. Tue: Reggae Night with Kindred. Wed: Poetry Night. Thomas, Scottsdale, Every night in the lounge you can find one of three acts -- Paul McDermand steel drums and marimba , Mosaico a flamenco group with dancers and Nuance a contemporary classical group. Doubletree Ranch Rd.

Pool tournaments, drink specials. The traditional bar and grill also stacks itself with a host of diversions, including three pool tables, a pinball machine and live bands on the weekends.

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Sun-Thu: Karaoke. Fri-Sat: Live music, featuring classic rock cover bands. McDowell, Scottsdale, Los Olivos Mexican Patio: Part restaurant and part club, Los Olivos is the oldest Mexican food establishment in Scottsdale and features the most ornate stage in the Valley -- bands play in front of an angry Mayan god with glowing red eyes. Traditional mariachi bands play every Thursday and Sunday. There is free pool from 9 a. Mon-Wed: Country Karaoke, 9 p. Apache Trail, Apache Junction, Main, Scottsdale, DJs keep the party going with a mix of Tejano, salsa, Top 40 and old-school jams. Mon-Fri: Happy hour p.

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On the spacious Martini Ranch side, themed cover bands serve up favorite hits. Wed: Acoustic music with North. Thu: The Chadwicks play Top 40 and alternative hits. Fri: North plays classic rock, Top 40 and alternative hits. Sun: Metalhead cranks out heavy-metal faves. Stetson, Scottsdale, Mason Jar: This former hair-farmer haven still provides a steady stream of punk, metal, goth and industrial acts. The Jar even books country acts on occasion, so look for an eclectic crowd of underage hard-core enthusiasts and middle-age partyers through the black-lighting and basement ambiance.

The atmosphere can be described as busy -- long bar, tables interspersed, pool tables, televisions, roomy booths for you and a clown-car full of friends, occasional live music and a healthy, drunken vibe. Mon-Fri: Reverse happy hour.