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Lawrence Block. Charmian could uproot a bedroom while dressing for a cocktail party, but even her discards looked orderly compared to what I encountered. The blinds were drawn against the late afternoon sun, but in the dim light I could see at least eight girls, two to each of the room's four beds.

Swathed as they were in hospital gowns, the patients were hardly distinguishable, and an armamentarium of medical equipment further obstructed my view. An IV appliance dripped liquid into some poor, prone girl's arm. The ladder back of the one viable chair in the room had an enema bag jauntily woven through it. A wheelchair, canisters of oxygen, a traction contraption were in evidence. The bedpans outnumbered the beds. I wondered now if the multitude of tablets and capsules Maurice foisted on me daily were harbingers of a fatal disease.

My favorite nanny had departed from our house when I was an impressionable four-year-old. I had to let her go," Charmian had tsked at the time. Your father has witnessed her germs jitterbugging all over our plates and silverware. Really, she's a regular Typhoid Mary. A vision of Cocteau, our purebred Saint Bernard, flickered through my optic nerves. When Cocteau had contracted mange, he, too, had been exiled, along with his disenfranchised hairs and scabs. His bed had been incinerated. Were my mattress, sheets, and four posters being trucked to the Department of Sanitation at this very moment?