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Soon, it felt as though every brand — French and otherwise — was touting a version of this "French girl," with an assortment of romantic, vintage-inspired dresses, an accompanying straw tote and a pair of cute, block-heel sandals.

The "French-girl look," of course, isn't a new concept. And Rouje, of course, isn't the first French fashion brand to sell said look. It makes sense — the oldest ateliers are based in Paris. C , this new crop of internet-derived brands not only boast a slightly lower price point, but they're born from the entrepreneurial spirit of Instagram influencers.

Take AnneLaure Mais Moureau , for instance. Damas, too, has felt that Instagram has given her brand a global reach. The success of these brands, Walters notes, is inextricably linked to the success of their buzzy founders.

Business Trip Packing List for Minimalist Fashionistas

Katharine Hepburn in a scene from the film 'The Philadelphia Story', Ready in a polka dot tunic to stop the Leicester Square traffic in London Oct. From silk blouses , to blazers , to pencil skirts , and even to pleated trousers , Lauren transformed professional attire into a simplistically glamourous style. Madonna tour - Madonna, who canceled the first of three shows in Philadelphia because of a sore throat, sings fefore 14, fans during her "Blonde Ambition" tour, which also took her to Tokyo and Rome.

Madonna is the pop diva of fashion.

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Although she originally adopted a casual tomboy look in the 80s, she quickly evolved into one of the most influential fashion gurus in the industry. Our undated picture shows Marilyn Monroe in the famous scene from the movie "the seven year itch". AP Photo. Marilyn Monroe introduced sex appeal into the fashion industry.

101 Fashion Tips and Tricks That Will Change Your Life

From high waisted bikinis to her classic The Seven Year Itch look , Marilyn paved the way for Hollywood luxurious trends and created a legacy that continues to be impersonated on a regular basis. It seems everywhere you look, it's nothing but beautiful somethings showing off their style.

There are certainly more of them, but that doesn't make them any more relevant or valuable than their more mature counterparts. Fashion is universal, after all.

The segment of bloggers in their 30s, 40s, 50s, and beyond may be small, but it's mighty. We aim to enlighten you, dear reader, about the ladies of all ages who are killing the fashion-blogging game at the moment —from the year-old whippersnappers to the year-olds who've been at it for a good while longer.

What Not to Wear + What To Wear to a Job Interview- w/ Sharon Haver & Brad Boles, Episode 13

Prepare to be majorly inspired by all the women showing off their unique and, frankly, fun looks. Keep scrolling to meet the best fashion bloggers of every age group. We love her sensibility for giving the Cali-girl vibe a unique twist.

15 of the Best Fashion Blogs to Follow in 2018

She's a photographer, stylist, and, oh yeah, she's a law student too. Her penchant for layering is seriously impressive, and her fashion month outfits always impress. A self-proclaimed sci-fi and comic book nerd, Stephanie advocates body positivity and uses her platform to help others feel confident in how they look.

After realizing that being negative about herself wasn't going to change anything, she chose to share her love of fashion and style with a focus on plus-size fashion. The jet-setting blogger Chiara Ferragni has turned her passion into her own footwear line, along with major collaborations with fashion brands. She's also a mainstay at every fashion week and a street style star in her own right—photographers love shooting her uniquely edgy, contemporary style.

Song of Style's Aimee Song has set herself apart as one of the most prolific style stars in the game. The L.