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This collection includes CRS reports from the mid's through —covering a variety of topics from agriculture to foreign policy to welfare. What responsibilities do I have when using this report? Dates and time periods associated with this report. Chile: Political and Economic Conditions and U. Relations , report , January 10, ; Washington D. You Are Here: home unt libraries government documents department this report. Between and , Chilean companies have invested billions in the United States, mainly in services and mining. Chile is committed to economic integration in Latin America and Asia Pacific.

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We will continue to work to open markets for our goods and services, bilaterally, regionally or multilaterally, with willing countries. Chile a summit on integration last March, at which the Pacific Alliance countries announced their decision to launch negotiations as a bloc with Asia Pacific countries. High-level officials from the remaining 11 TPP signatories, including Chile, are in permanent contact, looking for ways to ensure that what was achieved in the TPP can be carried forward.

In many countries, public confidence in the media is very low. It strikes me that this is not true in Chile, where the media remains trusted and popular. Why is the relationship between the public and the media different in Chile than in other countries? This makes our democracy strong. When we have problems, we confront them and make necessary changes. Access to information is a human right and a safeguard of our democracy.

Chilean society is still waking up slowly after a long period of dictatorship.

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We must also stay on top of social media. This is the democratization of information, and it gives us important data on how our society is changing. But government has a role to play in ensuring ethical use of these tools. Media shares in this responsibility. What challenges does Chile face from the turmoil in Venezuela?

Should Latin American governments become more involved in trying to resolve that crisis? Chile supports dialogue between the government and the opposition as the only way to ensure that the Venezuelan people determine the future of their country in a peaceful manner. That means violence must end.


At this political turning point, interviews with the departing and incoming presidents suggest, there is much the two political figures in Chile agree on. Both say they believe the country should continue to be a beacon of free trade. But there is plenty on which they disagree. To begin with, there is Ms. The departing president, however, argued that structural changes were necessary.

Bachelet said in the recent interview in Santiago, the capital.

The middle class is a lot more aware of its rights and its needs; people demand more each day; and political institutions are viewed with a growing level of distrust. The electoral overhaul also limited the influence of private-sector money in campaigns.

Latin America's Economic Divide

Her signature legislative victory: getting a deeply divided Congress to approve the legalization of abortion in limited circumstances. Bachelet might become clear with time. Bachelet politically. Among Ms.