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Liebling, A. Marian, John F. Root, Waverley, Food.

Tips for making Toffee Apple Pie Cookies:

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Apple Pie. Homemade Applesauce.

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An apple crisp is perfect when the weather turns cold. There is something so appealing about warm baked apples covered in cinnamon and sugar, made all the more tasty with a crisp and crunchy topping. The Apple Pie, with its two rounds of pastry enclosing slices of cinnamon sugared apples, is a favorite dessert in North America.

Homemade Applesauce can easily be made at home. All you need is some tasty apples. Great as a snack or as a side to pork and other meat dishes. French Apple Tart. Apple Crumble Pie. Applesauce Bread. This classic French tart gives you a double dose of apples, a nicely flavored apple sauce filling topped with artfully arranged sliced apples.

Enjoy this delicious pie with its crumble topping, apples slices coated with an thick apple syrup, and a buttery crisp pastry crust. When you add applesauce, preferably homemade, to this Applesauce Bread it gives it a wonderfully moist texture and a delicious apple flavor. Catch up on all the latest apple videos by clicking. Apple Custard Tart. Apple Frangipane Tar t. Apple Galette. This beautiful tart consists of a prebaked pastry crust that is first glazed with apricot preserves to prevent the crust from getting soggy. The almond filling Frangipane is a pastry cream made with almond paste that has a delicious almond flavor.

Galette is a French term for a flat round cake that dates from ancient times when cereal pastes were cooked on hot stones. Apple Tart with Cream Cheese Filling. Apple Scone Cake. Apple Cake. This is one dessert that I recommend eating shortly after it is baked; when the crust is at its best, beautifully crisp and crumbly, the filling is soft and creamy, and the apples are juicy and flavorful. This Apple Scone Cake has two layers of dough with cinnamon and sugar laced chunks of apples in between.

An Apple Cake is the perfect Fall dessert, with its chunks of apples and pecans, along with plump and juicy raisins, all wrapped in a cinnamon-laced batter. Pomegranate Jelly. Apple Streusel Cake. Pomegranate Jelly is a beautiful two layered dessert that pairs a translucent, gold colored apple jelly with a shimmering, garnet colored pomegranate jelly. Apples originated in Western Asia but are now grown in temperate climates throughout the world where there are warm days and cool nights.

Apple Bars

This Apple Streusel Cake is a delicious combination of butter cake, sliced apples, and a cinnamon flavored streusel. Cranberry Pear and Apple Crumble. Apple Popover. Arrrrrggghhhhhhh — I want some, they look divine, I neeeed some and I live in France.

What am I going to do??????? This looks awesome. Allrecipes has an Autumn Cheesecake recipe that rocks. I always make it around this time a yr. Oh my……………. There goes the diet!!!!!

Oh Jenny these bars couldnt scream Fall anymore! They look amazing, i am saving this recipe to try soon! Yours boys are just too cute, they look super excited about school.

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I am already a fan of caramel apple pecan cheese cake! I love your idea for the crust. LOL Refrigerate the leftovers???!!!! In my house?

Apple Pie Cookies

You are kidding right? What leftovers? They look amazing and combine all of my favorite things — cream cheese, apples, caramel — Awesome! I made them yesterday for our bible study group.

Seriously, heaven on a plate. Thanks for the awesome recipe! Oh this was sooo good! My husband loved it and so did I! I am a huge fan of your blog, keep sharing it with all my girlfriends! I took them to a dinner party and my husband and I were thrilled to bring the leftovers home with us. Thanks so much for sharing! Leftover carmel is great for the homemade morning lattes, too!

Caramel Apple Cream Cheese Cookie Bars! - Picky Palate

Thanks for posting! Wow, sounds great.. I bet one could modify it to take fresh apples too. Wow, these look amazing and best of all, they seem so easy to make! I LOVE all your recipes and your website is so cute! I will definitely be checking back to see what I can find! They are so delicious I am giving away the rest of the pan before I sit down to gobble them up!